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A mere series

the anti-Semitic history of Social Credit.

stripped, whipped, & dragged through the streets of Reggio

& not rob him or her.






“Awkward Crossword”



the galaxy at large



To be loved in the 8th grade



Later when the bell rings.

The interest in generated



meek in its t-shirts. But clean

The separation is permanent.



poor folk, possessed of shadow doubles



To stagger & grimly hallucinate







is not the actual voices.

& here is the standard proof.






on television.” Waiting around to see what they do to us. My research leads

nowhere. [    T]he restless history looked up in the dictionary. Held together by

will. They keep building these lousy houses for people who already have them




– The flying insect abandons the cherry tree. It adds up, but the policy is sub-

traction. The place



a complete horror but come on in anyway. I couldn’t to sleep because my heart

kept pounding. Do you know what I’m



saying? Go away! Suspicion: can’t remember putting shoes on, but there they are…


practising scales, riding a bike. The transformatio[



]s almost complete. You can’t step in the same horse twice. Besides,



all the best seats are taken so just go for an aimless walk & try to forget about pop-

ular culture for half an hour. Look up



in the sky, it’s



empty. The veterans are dying. My boombox’s busted &



soon, silence. Held in place. These back yards will weep. It will be different. The

cheque will bounce



but the ass will be covered. The [shaggy young] athletes will be drafted. A prophe-

cy. Besides,



– imagine thinking of yourself

as [halving contemporaries].



That difficult stage

[between birth &] late middle age.



The [brain, is all] thumbs.






– [2010: forced on spaceships {The unconscious is structuredlike a



Shriners’ convention} because they don’t know the language. By means of a special

diet I have



internalized class struggle. Because we couldn’t stand it we divided it by two.

Vaguely Cliffite. The nearly decorative. The



way the filters of these cheap Polish cigarettes become squishy after three puffs like

tapioca held together by innocent Christian faith.] Besides






– The interior surface was covered with crystals, that’s how the old man

got me interested. I want to see the shredded ends of [       ]



lying classist bastards. No sun in weeks. Bitter, bitter tourism. To take home, & have

for always. But,







“somebody might feel that, even about themselves?”







– Should this month have an R in it & if not what of the


chowder. We took them, put them next to us, made them work, & now tie them up


out back so that the confusion in their eyes won’t add to our own. tough luck. [

] if we could



return to the subject. Examine stars spat back. What are they saying on the radio!

[“This is how teenagers think















nas págs. 62, 63, 64, 65 e 66 de “Pause Button”

- Kevin Davies, 2002

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

Alguns riscos

Indícios?, por demais

um tremendo cansaço

de coisas feias, e daí

sons, diversos traços

caracteres alguns

de um rasto só

Algum tempo:

2017 Janeiro 2016 Dezembro Novembro Outubro Setembro Agosto Julho Junho Maio Abril Março Fevereiro Janeiro ; 2015 Dezembro Novembro Outubro Setembro Agosto Julho Junho Maio Abril Março Fevereiro Janeiro ; 2014 Dezembro Novembro Outubro Setembro Agosto Julho Junho Maio Abril Março Fevereiro Janeiro; 2013 Dezembro Novembro Outubro Setembro Agosto Julho Junho Maio Abril Março Fevereiro Janeiro; 2012 Dezembro Novembro Outubro Setembro Agosto Julho Junho

Junho 2006/Junho 2012

(arquivos não acessíveis

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Algumas pessoas:

T ; José Carvalho da Costa, Francisco Q ; Alcino V, Vitor P ; José Carlos T, Fernando C, Eduardo F ; Paulo V, "Suf", Zé Manel, Miguel D, S, Isabel, Nancy ; Zé T, Marcelo, Faria, Eliana ; Isabel ; Ana C ; Paula, Carlos, Luís, Pedro, Sofia, Pli ; Miguel B ; professores Manuel João, Rogério, Fátima Marinho, Carlos Reis, Isabel Almeida, Paula Morão, Ivo Castro, Rita Veloso, Diana Almeida

Outros que, no exacto antípoda dos anteriores, despertam o pior de mim:

Demasiados. Não cabem aqui. É tudo gente discursivamente feia. Acendendo a TV ou ouvindo quem fora dela reproduz agendas mediáticas, entre o vómito e o tédio a lista tornar-se-ia insuportavelmente longa.

Uma chave, mais um chavão? A cultura popular do início deste séc. XXI fede !

Alguns nomes:

José Afonso ; 13th Floor Elevators, The Monks, The Sonics, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Love / Arthur Lee, Pink Floyd (1967-1972), Can, Soft Machine, King Crimson, Roxy Music; Nick Drake, Lou Reed, John Cale, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa ; Lincoln Chase, Curtis Mayfield, Sly & The Family Stone ; The Clash, Joy Division, The Fall, Echo & The Bunnymen ; Ramones, Pere Ubu, Talking Heads, The Gun Club, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Radiohead, Tindersticks, Divine Comedy, Cornelius, Portishead, Beirut, Yo La Tengo, The Magnetic Fields, Smog / Bill Callahan, Lambchop, Califone, My Brightest Diamond, Tuneyards ; Arthur Russell, David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Tom Zé, Nick Cave ; The Lounge Lizards / John Lurie, Blurt / Ted Milton, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Jimmy Smith ; Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lee "Scratch" Perry ; Jacques Brel, Tom Waits, Amália Rodrigues ; Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Greg Haines, Hauschka ; Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Eric Satie, Igor Stravinsky, György Ligeti ; Boris Berezovsky, Gina Bachauer, Ivo Pogorelich, Jascha Heifetz, David Oistrakh, Daniil Trifonov

Outros nomes:

Agustina Bessa Luís, Anna Akhmatova, António Franco Alexandre, Armando Silva Carvalho, Bob Dylan, Boris Vian, Carl Sagan, Cole Porter, Daniil Kharms, Evgeni Evtuchenko, Fernando Pessoa, George Steiner, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Guy Debord, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Harold Bloom, Heiner Müller, João MIguel Fernandes Jorge, John Mateer, John McDowell, Jorge de Sena, José Afonso, Jürgen Habermas, Kevin Davies, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Lêdo Ivo, Leonard Cohen, Luís de Camões, Luís Quintais, Marcel Proust, Marina Tzvietaieva, Mário Cesariny, Noam Chomsky, Ossip Mandelstam, Ray Brassier, Raymond Williams, Roland Barthes, Sá de Miranda, Safo, Sergei Yessinin, Shakespeare, Sofia M. B. Andresen, Ted Benton, Vitorino Nemésio, Vladimir Maiakovski, Wallace Stevens, Walter Benjamin, W.H. Auden, Wislawa Szymborska, Zbigniew Herbert, Zygmunt Bauman

Algum som & imagem:

Avec élégance

Crazy clown time

Danse infernale

Dark waters

Der himmel über berlin

Forever dolphin love

For Nam June Paik


Happy ending

Lilac Wine

L'heure exquise







Sailing days

Soliloquy about...


Sorry, I'm late



Their Lullaby

The raw shark texts

Urban abstract